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part I


My series is made under the symbol of river. This river – is Neman, on which riversides generation by generation my ancestry were born and had been living. These are the special people who have the river spirit. The river reflects in the eyes and remains there forever, lives deeply in the heart, – and then blood in half with river water begins flowing in the veins.


River is a guide, this is our connection, connection of my family during time. Touching it, I'm touching past, future and feel present in all its fullness. And we recognise each other and ourselves in this touching.


The atmosphere of river creates its own rythm, special feeling of time. Being surrounded by river element, you become a part of it, inside of it, and the dance of flow is being given a birth, – it's always various, but uniform. This is dancing of time, dancing with time. I'm flowing near it, inside of it, against it, until the time becomes me. At the moments of this unity with myself i see my power, my pain and my endless.


My works are my declaration of love to Neman, to my river, which from my childhood by its depth opens my own depth.


The series is made in cyanotype technique – the colour of blue sky, which is falling on river surface.

Maria Bonet


2018 – 2020


Alternative Photographic Process 


Альтернативная техника ручной фотографической печати